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Test your integration

[Step 8 of 9] Sandbox requests do not result in live transactions. Test your end-to-end workflow and downstream processes in Sandbox, to make sure you’re handling both success and failure scenarios before going live. Note that to facilitate testing, the buyer experience in Sandbox does not always reflect the full buyer experience in Production. For example, in Sandbox you’ll have access to simulated payment methods, which can be used to simulate different payment scenarios.

To get started, make sure you have access to Amazon Pay Sandbox test buyer accounts. Then use simulated payment methods and simulation strings to test your integration.

1. Sandbox test buyer accounts

You must use Amazon Pay Sandbox accounts to complete transactions in the Sandbox environment. These accounts come pre-configured with simulated payment methods to help you mimic the buyer experience. You can also add shipping addresses, if they’re needed to complete checkout.

2. Simulated payment methods

Amazon Pay Sandbox test buyer accounts come pre-configured with simulated payment methods that you can use to simulate different payment scenarios, such as payment declines and checkout abandonment. Use them to test your front-end integration.

Note: Processor declines on the transaction, should be tested following the instructions provided by your acquirer.

See Sandbox simulations to learn how to use simulated payment methods to test your integration.