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Process payment with your acquirer

[Step 6 of 9] After buyer is redirected back to your website, the Checkout Session object will still be in status Open, as payment still needs to be processed. At this point the existing logic for processing payments with your Acquirer should be executed.

1. Trigger Strong Customer Authentication for the transaction (EU specific)

Follow the existing process to communicate with your acquirer and make sure Strong Customer Authentication is enabled for the transaction, if required.

Coming back from the Amazon Pay Processing page, you might need to prompt the buyer with an MFA challenge, to satisfy the Strong Customer Authentication requirements imposed by the Directive 2015/2366/EU on payment services (PSD2).

2. Authorize the payment

Follow the existing process to communicate with your acquirer and authorize the payment.

Use the amazonPayToken, provided as part of the Get Checkout Session response to process the payment with your acquirer. amazonPayToken should be passed to your acquirer API according to the specifications of the acquirer communication, needed to complete a payment authorization.

Handle the response coming from the acquirer and check that the authorization was completed successfully.

3. Manage refunds

As the payment is processed by your acquirer, there is no Amazon Pay specific operation to manage refunds.

Refunds should be managed with your acquirer, following the existing process used for non Amazon Pay transactions.